Course Summary

Learn to Shift Your Energy in 90-Seconds

How to Shift Your Energy in 90-Seconds: Fundamental Energy Techniques to Save Your Life

Energy Videos-1-Intro
Energy Survival Skills with The Mystic
Energy Videos-2-Breathing
Step 1: Breathe like you mean it
Energy Basics Part 3- Disconnect from Negative Energy
Step 2: Cut the Cords to Negative Energy - aka reverse vodoo
Energy Videos-4-Grounding Alt
Step 3: Get Grounded (shoes optional)
Energy Videos-6-Putting it Together
Putting it All Together is Golden
How to Master Your Energy
Energy Hygiene Practices
The Mystic's Energy Cheatsheet

Bonus #1: Energy Activating Exercises

Sitting in front of a computer is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Yet here we are...

These simple exercises that anyone can do will help you from getting sedentary during the day. They take between 5-10 minutes depending on your pace and are perfect for...

  • Getting your body and energy moving first thing in the morning so you can wake up easier
  • Breaking up stuck and stagnant energy (qi) in your body
  • Activating your body's systems so they work more efficiently
  • Getting more oxygen in your blood so your cells can restore more quickly

This is a specific sequence of exercises that unlocks energy in your body so it can release, heal, and recover more quickly. You'll learn a very gentle version for calming, and a more active version for energizing. 

Energy Videos-5-Exercises
Get your headband and leg warmers

Bonus #2: How to Reset Your Energy for Sleep

Did you know that your energy and the energy you carry with you has a profound impact on your sleep? 

This special bonus modules will show you how to improve your sleep so you can wake up refreshed and inspired, rather than dragging yourself out of bed. 

You'll also receive a 90-minute sleep audio to soothe your body and mind into a state of deep rest and recovery. You can use it for power naps (just set an alarm on your phone) or to help you drift off at night, especially if you have trouble falling asleep. 

Secrets to Better Sleep
90-Minute Sleep Audio: Ultimate Insomnia Relief

Bonus #3: Selections from The Mystic Sound Healing Archive

Welcome to the Mystic Sound Healing Archive. Each of these guided healing journeys is designed for a specific purpose using a particular energy. 

Sound healing is one of the most easy, gentle, and powerful methods for deep healing and stress release.

Mystic Sound Healing™ is a unique development in sound healing techniques. Using Tibetan Singing Bowls and guided energy healing meditations to help your body and mind release negative energy, emotions, and old traumas. 

You'll find special selections below for...

  • Releasing old wounds and trauma
  • Developing more self love
  • Accessing your super-healing state
  • Healing Heart Connection
2021-02-27-Full Moon Sound Healing
Releasing Old Wounds and Trauma
Developing Self Love
Access Your Super-Healing State
Full Moon Sound Healing 04-26-2021
Healing Heart Connection
May 2021 Full Moon Sound Healing
The Ultimate Spiritual Cleanse