The Mystic's Meditations

The Mystic Sound Healing™ Album

This is a healing journey. A ‘choose your own adventure’ to guide you back to your happy place and perfect Self. 

One of my favorite parts about the Choose Your Own Adventure books was that the stories unfolded differently every time. 

Healing is not a one-and-done event. Even something as simple as a cut on your finger goes through a process to restore itself. And while it’s important to create a supportive environment for healing to happen, the real magic happens inside of you. It happens automatically because your body knows exactly what to do to heal your wound. 

I believe this is true on every level of our being. 

Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual healing you seek, the innate intelligence inherent in you knows exactly how to restore you to your perfect state of health and well-being. 

Our role in the healing process is simple. 

  1. Set a clear intention for your healing. A positive intention. Not to get OUT of pain, but to get INTO health, happiness and peace and fulfillment. Deciding what you want is infinitely more powerful than running from what you don’t want.

  2. Create a conducive environment for healing to occur. If you have a broken leg, maybe don’t try to run a marathon on it. If you have a cut, put a band-aid on it to keep it clean and protected. The part of the process requires continual attention because we need different things at different parts of our journey. 

  3. Get out of the way. Stop trying to control everything. And stop digging up that precious little seedling to see if it’s growing! Healing takes a little time but it can happen much faster (and in miraculous ways) when we get out of the way. 

This music is meant to guide you through the process time and time again. 

From the first notes of the invocation to the final fading melody. Whether you need healing on a grand scale, or something small and simple. Nature doesn't care. It does what it does without fail.

This music is deeply attuned to the forces of nature. Harnessing these forces on a vibrational level to restore harmony on every level of your being. 

It’s my hope and intention that you experience a positive shift- no matter how small- every time you listen, and that each one builds on the last, guiding you one more step toward your highest dreams of health, happiness, success, and joy. 

Peace and Love, 

The Mystic Next Door
Creator, Mystic Sound Healing™

Feb 2023

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The Mystic's Meditations

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The Mystic's Meditations for Self Love

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