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Course Content
    • Listen and Download All of the Tracks Here
    • Welcome to The Mystic's Meditations
    • Meditation Fundamentals
    • Jedi Healing Trance: Heal Your Body and Restore Your Energy with Super-Human Speed
      Jedi Healing Trance Square
    • Restore Your Health & Vitality
      Health Meditation Icon Square
    • Reflection Eternal: A Sound Healing to Release Sadness, Grief and Loss
      Reflection Eternal
    • The Mystic Chamber: An Immersive Sound Healing Experience
      The Mystic Chamber Icon square
    • 180 in 180": Shift Your Energy and Mind in 3 minutes
    • Purple Rain: Release Guilt and Shame
      ACISL Week 1 Meditation to Release Guilt and Shame - HD 720p
    • Your Mystical Magical Garden of Life
      Week 2 - Garden of Life - HD 720p
    • The Heart Sutra: Return to Wholeness
      ACISL Week 3 - Acceptance - Healing - The Heart Sutra
    • Release Doubt, Worry, Anxiety and Fear
      ACISL Week 4 - Meditation - Release Doubt Worry & Fear
    • I AM: The Soul Connection
      ACISL Week 5 - Self Actualization - Meditation - I AM The Soul Connection
    • The Self Love Healing Journey
      ACISL Self Love Healing
    • Meditation for Self Forgiveness
      Forgive Yourself Track Icon

Welcome to The Mystic's Meditations

I'm so happy you found your way here. The meditations you'll find here are each designed to achieve a specific result so that you can meditate with a purpose, rather than just trying to quiet your mind, or pop into another dimension and escape this physical reality. 

Like a holocron, each meditation is encoded with energy and teachings that will guide you toward greater health, wholeness, happiness and success for years to come. 

I welcome you to make meditation a regular practice in your life. You can pop on one of these audios any time you want and start receiving the energy and benefits.

Meditation is a deep and subtle practice practiced by sages and mystics for ages. It's ok for some of it to not make sense. If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at 



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